If my career were a book, each chapter would be a brand.

It would tell the story of science, art, life, tragedy, rebirth, transgression, redemption, pride, passion love and desire.

It’s thrilling It ends well, but leaves the reader wanting more.
Let’s write the chapter about your brand today.

Brand Advisor to Global C-Level Executives

Intelligent Storytelling

  • Positioning / Equity / Identity Strategy
  • Brand Management & Governance
  • Portfolio / Naming Architecture
  • Product Innovation & Packaging Systems
  • Brand Systems

Efficient Go to Market

  • Research, Analytics & Insights
  • Competitive Environment Analysis
  • Growth Strategy
  • Innovation Spaces
  • GTM Plan / Strategy

Effective Experiences

  • Brand Experience Strategy
  • Edutainment & Gamification
  • Social Engagement Strategy
  • Events & Activations Design
  • Omni-Channel Retailing

About Ester

Ester Rabinovici is an expert in the science and art of brand intentionalism. A marketer in the fullest sense of the word, she combines training in industrial design with strategic marketing studies at Stanford University and graphic design instruction under Milton Glaser, at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York.

Ester draws on diverse creative skills and a deep technical understanding of brand ecosystems and product lifecycles to uncover, develop, and realize long-term economic value for her clients. Ester’s disciplined creative process has been hard at work for more than two decades, building successful brands, product lines, agencies, ideas, and experiences. She specializes in brand strategy, brand systems, omni-channel and experiential retail, industrial design, and behavioral marketing.

A self-made woman, Ester began working from home in her native Colombia, while rearing two children. There she laid the foundation of what grew to become the full-service marketing agency, Rabinovici & Asociados. The Bogota-based firm served a roster of well-known clients, including Hoteles Estelar®, Bancafé® Bank which later became part of the Davivienda® Group, Colsubsidio®, and Colseguros®, which was then acquired by Allianz® Insurance. The business then expanded to the U.S., with the launch of Miami-based Rabinovici & Associates in 2000. After relocating to Miami, Ester continued to grow the business, serving global brands including Jarden Consumer Solutions®, Kodak®, EJ Gallo® wines, Latam Airlines Group® Totto® Hewlett-Packard® and Zumba®.

In addition to supporting large multinational corporations, Ester maintains a passion for guiding medium-sized companies on their journey to becoming major brands. 

Often referred to by clients and colleagues as a “Brand Whisperer,” Ester delves into a business’s DNA and competitive environment to instill what she terms “intentionalism” into brands. This structured approach works over time to build the real and perceived value of a brand. Over a fifteen-year period, she worked with successful entrepreneur Pepe Badia to transform his “white label” ethnic spice company into the globally recognized Badia® Spice brand it is today. Based on her proven ability to reimagine products, product lines, and entire businesses, Ester was later engaged by the owners of Salix® Animal Health, to transform their private-label rawhide company into a high-end, high-margin branded product line. That work was instrumental in the sale of Salix® to Spectrum® Brands for approximately $100 million in 2016.

Ester believes that bringing the right combination of science and art to a brand, and maintaining a consistent intentionality or purpose, organizations can truly elevate their offerings and occupy a different place in the minds of customers. As Ester says, “loyalty is wonderful, and love is better, but desire is what makes people drive twice as far, pay three times as much, lose all their inhibitions, and completely re-order their life priorities.” Amazing brands cause rational people to make an exception.

Ester lives in Miami with her husband Samuel. She would love to speak with you in English, Spanish, or even better in Spanglish about how to build brand wealth for your product, business, or organization.



The project was four years in the making. A 10-year vision. Ambitious for sure. It would land LATAM Airlines (formerly LAN + TAM) at a strategically important new business destination. The brand had monumental recognition in South America, but in the U.S. market they wanted to penetrate, it was limited.

They were the two largest airlines in South America — LAN & TAM. After merging to form LATAM Airlines, the marketing department for North America had limited resources. They wondered how their new brand story could be told with meaning and impact. That’s when they brought us onboard.

When a business goes to the dogs, it’s a bad sign. But in this case, it wasn’t. Salix Animal Health — the leading manufacturer of premium rawhide dog products — was sold with annual revenues of approximately $100 million.

“The Soul of Cooking” is at the heart of Badia spices. When Pepe Badia became our first client in 2000, he challenged us to look into that soul. What did we see? A small, ethnic, regional brand catering to the Southeast with tremendous crossover potential as a general market national brand.