Brand 101

the big bang

We estimate that the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies touches more than a billion people’s lives each day through our health care products and services, our corporate giving and the volunteer efforts of our employees. We’re part of the daily rituals people follow to care for themselves and their families

The growth and evolution of any company is a complex balance of innovating and seizing new opportunities, while also preserving and building on the bond that your brand has established with customers and other important constituents.


Today, it seems that we’re living in a time when many Americans feel as though the USA has lost track of the things for which it once stood. They have grave concerns over the direction of the country. In many cases, Americans are almost equally divided on important current events, policies and political tides.

If you ever go to Kentucky, don’t miss the chance to do some sipping along the bourbon trail, and if you are lucky enough to have Maker’s Mark as one of your stops, you’re in for a master class in intentionalism and experiential marketing.

Be desired

With it’s unique metal tip that makes it one of the most precise in the market and its sleek body made entirely in Aluminum and Steel.

Theory says that you are creating value when you elevate the consumer’s WILLINGNESS to pay. Check out the value creation process in the visual story of a peasant shoe originally created somewhere between Spain and France.