The Zyn Collective

I’ve invited several like-minded travelers to join me on this journey of developing, sustaining, growing and, when necessary, restoring strong brands.

We call our model THE ZYN COLLECTIVE, taking our name from, zyn, an ancient word meaning “tool belt” or “quiver of arrows.” Each of our members serves as an on-demand consultant, drawing on unique skill sets to create uncommon value. Working in this way, THE ZYN COLLECTIVE, offers a true solution-neutral business, with your brand performance as the compass that binds us together

Over the course of my career, I’ve “collected” this small cadre of of benevolent disrupters, based on their outstanding capabilities, unconventional approaches and high personal integrity. Some are former colleagues at big agencies, others were clients at large multinational corporations, but all were ready to leave behind the B.S. of big, stale, C.Y.A.-oriented environments. Why? Because we had achieved a degree of success, and were at a point in our careers, where our experience told us there was a better way. A way that’s not only more rewarding and fun, but also more conducive to innovation, creativity, and results.
Each of us brings a very distinct expertise to the table…an area of specialization in which each member truly excels. Together, we’ve formed a cooperative network in which the excitement of co-creation can exist at every level and in every interaction. And while our individual skills may be distinct, we are 100% unified in the belief that the traditional agency model is dead, and in the recognition that momentum is building for a more transparent and thoughtful solution. A model in which a brand can confidently move forward with the guidance of a sounding board of experts who are activated, on-demand, only in those moments or instances when their expertise is required.

Building Value

Marketing has never been so difficult. Globalization has made it hard for market leaders to sustain growth and easy for challengers to disrupt. Information is enabling rivals to capture the value created. Budgets have shrunk while media outlets have exponentially grown. The question is, and has always been, how do we elevate the consumer willingness to buy and stay always a step ahead of rivalry.

Made to Fit

The ultimate goal of the game is to be as agile as the market. As a collective we act on-demand, leaving aside the traditional rules and planning-based approach. We work on a simpler and faster model driven by the resources of the project and the goal outlined. Experts as well as producers will be call upon needs and provide advise and execution on-demand.

Hands-On Implementation

As we outline the solutions from brand strategy to go-to-market, we will support on an advisory model the production and deployment of the plan with small selected and highly specialized boutique firms. What’s more, we’re open to using your existing in-house teams or trusted vendors, whenever possible, to optimize the speed and cost-effectiveness of our team in delivering on your project objectives.

meet the collective

Ester Rabinovici

Brand Developer
Use a single word to describe marketing

Story telling

What do personality traits do you have in common with your company?

Dynamic – Smart – Entrepreneurial

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Being able to inspire young entrepreneurs

Dominik Niceva

Creative Director
Use a single word to describe marketing


What do personality traits do you have in common with your company?

Creative Bravery. Openness to Experience  (inventive/curious)

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Change culture by design (rebranding downtown Miami)

David Bruce

Story Teller
Use a single word to describe marketing


What do personality traits do you have in common with your company?

I try hard to do what’s right…If you knew everything about me, all my abilities, shortcomings, successes, and failures, I’m comfortable that you’d be okay with me (and perhaps value me even more). If your business is similarly oriented, I can help.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Securing an in-depth cover article in Sports Illustrated, pro bono, for a friend who’s in a wheelchair due to a sports injury, and who now runs a charity to help others like him.