Famous Logos – How much are they worth? Part 2

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Famous Logos - How much are they worth? Part 2

Let’s get to the point. Here are the answers to Monday’s quiz:

  1. Astoundingly, Symantec paid $1.2B for that checkmark.
  2. British Petrol (BP). Their new logo set the company back £136 million. The green and yellow sunflower was criticized when it came out and continues to be mocked today with fake redesign contests.
  3. Nike!
  4. CNN. Check out more of Paul Rand’s breathtaking work here:

And here are some more questions:

1. Which logo cost more than $0 to make?

a) Google

b) Twitter

c) Coca-Cola

2. In 2008, Pepsi revamped their logo to be “more dynamic and more alive”. How much did this makeover cost?

a) Less than $25,000

b) $100,000

c) $1,000,000

d) $100,000,000+

3. What iconic logo had to be redesigned in 1992 for being too risqué?

4. In the mid 90’s, how much did Enron pay Paul Rand for their logo?

a) $33

b) $33,000

c) $330,000,000

d) $33M

Find out the answers on Friday!