Famous Logos – How much are they worth?

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Famous Logos - How much are they worth?

The price tag of a logo cannot be measured with artwork or graphics; it should be measured on the thought behind it and on the consistency and cohesiveness with which it is managed. That said, I believe you will find it fascinating that some of the most recognized logos in the world cost as little as $0 while others as much as $1.2 B.

In honor of one of my favorite parts of this industry, I am dedicating this week to logos: every other day I’ll post four questions regarding some of the most widely recognized logos in the world and then give you the answers on the following post.

Let the games begin:

1. Symantec, a software company known for security products, acquired the checkmark logo from VeriSign for:

a) $1M

b) $1.2M

c) $1B

d) $1.2B

2. Which of the following logos were more expensive to redesign?

a) Pepsi

b) British Petrol (BP)

c) The London Olympics

3. In 1971, a graphic design student at Portland State University designed for $35 the logo for what became one of the most successful and easily recognized brands in the world. Can you guess which?

4. Which of the following logos did Paul Rand not design?

a) Cable News Network (CNN)

b) International Business Machines (IBM)

c) America Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

d) United Parcel Service (UPS)

Check in on Wednesday for the answers and a new set of questions!