The Stylus Price Tag

The Stakes

The Stakes



In computing the small electronic device used to interact with smart phones and tablets is called the stylus and was invented circa 1957. As stylus became more complicated and functions more sophisticated the technology grew in popularity and it became known and Pen Computing. The versatile 3/pack by AMAZON® BASICS retails for $943

Among some of the most recommended by CNET is the ADONIT® Jot Pro. With it’s unique metal tip that makes it one of the most precise in the market and its sleek body made entirely in Aluminum and Steel. This very comfortable stylus retails for about $3000

But it was a box perfectly designed by Apple in California which probably took about a year in development and I’m sure is twice as expensive two manufacture that the device which made the category elevate the price to $9900. A value created by APPLE and capture by ½ a dozen companies including Microsoft. In other words, we are paying for the most beautiful box ever produced for a pencil