What Happens in NYC, Stays in NYC… Unintentionally, perhaps.

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What Happens in NYC, Stays in NYC… Unintentionally, perhaps.

I just returned from a trip to the big apple that reminded me why I once said that anyone working in a creative field should visit this great incubator of ideas, which bursts with conceptual brilliance in every street, on a regular basis.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this. I literally had to stop at every block to take pictures of businesses that inspired me. Each shop, from a miniature all-white café with warm yellow lighting to a shoe boutique that only sells one brand (the Parson’s grad/owner’s) and specializes in beautiful heels designed for walking in mind, was so creative and so structured, that with a little bit of vision and resource it could become the next Starbucks or Aldo.

But, what is stopping these young entrepreneurs from building empires? Well, besides from near-sightedness due to limited economic resources, it is the lack of capacity (or perhaps desire) to standardize their process so it can be reproduced. It is what makes them, the owners, indispensible to their businesses and what limits its monumental possibilities to miniscule efforts.

If bankers, investors and even our government performed their job with more intelligence and less shortsightedness, hundreds of exciting new businesses would emerge yearly from NYC. And it would be businesses that push our social, economic and labor sectors into a very different dynamic.

But that may be food for another blog. All I want to say for now is that despite my wrinkles, New York never ceases to be a tremendous source of inspiration. I once saw an interview by one of my teachers, Milton Glaser, where he said something about New Yorkers having an innate advantage. I have no doubt about that.